Joint Marketing Program


The Joint Marketing Program is a cornerstone initiative of YHMA. Responding to members’ need for affordable and effective marketing, the core objective of the Joint Marketing program is to increase visitation to participating institutions. First introduced in 1989, the program has evolved to adapt to an expanding Yukon heritage community, shifting visitor patterns and the latest marketing techniques.

In addition to purchasing advertising that promotes the Yukon heritage sector, the program is structured to encourage networking and cross-promotion among participating institutions. By matching member dues with grants, this cooperative venture also provides a forum to explore and test different marketing strategies and best practices which members can incorporate into their own activities.

Activities are informed by our Marketing Plan, recently updated by an award-winning, Yukon-based marketing firm. The new Plan responds to current tourism trends in a media plan that balances traditional print placements with online advertising, complemented by new Heritage Yukon branding and matched with enhanced tools to monitor the ongoing success of placements.

Placements are confirmed by members at annual meetings in the spring and fall. Members are kept updated on placements, recent trends and other marketing activities through quarterly updates. In addition to direct advertising, members are profiled on the YHMA website.

Eligibility and Benefits

YHMA Institutional Members in good standing are eligible to participate in the Joint Marketing program. Member rates are set based on an institution’s overall operating revenues. The program offers the following benefits:

  • Effective Advertising: Members participate in an ongoing, direct advertising campaign reaching target audiences of over 500,000
  • Affordable Marketing: Member fees are matched with grant dollars to maximize investment: For an average fee of $350, members become part of a $35,000 direct advertising campaign. The program is designed as a ‘small but mighty’ addition to members’ individual marketing activities
  • Valued-Added Activities: Members have the opportunity to participate in additional marketing opportunities identified each year by YHMA and program partners
  • Capacity-building Opportunities: Through the program, members network with others in the Yukon heritage community and gain access to current marketing practices and tourism trends

Deadlines and Program Structure: Joint Marketing memberships are currently renewed on an annual basis. The deadline to opt-in is February 1 of each year. Agreements must be signed and remitted with payment by March 15.

Are you a Yukon heritage organization interested in participating? Please contact YHMA at or 667-4704 for more information.