Current/Upcoming Conferences

The North and World War One Conference | May 2016

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War One, the Yukon Historical & Museums Association is organizing a major international conference to be held in Whitehorse in May, 2016.

The conference will address a significant gap in the historical understanding of the Yukon and Canada and advance original research in the subject areas. While much attention has been paid to the eras of the Klondike Gold Rush and World War Two, there is a relative lack of published investigations or popular understanding of the Yukon during this period. The conference will explore the role and contributions of the Yukon and other northern regions (including the other Territories, northern provincial regions and Alaska) in World War One, as well as the social, political and economic landscape of the north at that time.

A variety of themes will be addressed in the conference, including the home front, the effects of the war on Aboriginal peoples of Yukon and the North, and Yukon soldiers and their battlefield experiences. A special focus will be given to the exploits of Klondike Joe Boyle and his contributions to the war effort including his machine gun unit, his role as a spy in Eastern Europe for the British Secret Service and his romance with Marie of Edinburgh, Queen of Romania.

The multi-disciplinary conference will appeal to academic and popular historians, and will provide an opportunity to explore themes through historic study, museum studies, heritage conservation and artistic endeavors. Training and professional development opportunities for the heritage community will be identified and integrated with the conference activities.

More information will be made available in the coming months: please stay tuned!