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Heritage Regions Workshop

9am-4pm Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 | Old Fire Hall 1105 Front Street, Whitehorse

How can heritage resources contribute to community revitalization and economic development?

YHMA coordinated a Heritage Regions workshop with Jim Mountain (Regeneration Projects Director with the Heritage Canada National Trust) to complement this year’s Heritage Day theme, Main Streets: At the Heart of the Community. The one-day workshop gave participants an overview of the Heritage Regions program which provides an integrated approach to a region’s economy and culture and leverages the resources of multiple communities within it, with an emphasis on tourism. Participants explored a variety of topics including land-based heritage resource management, identifying community heritage values and assets, and the contribution of heritage buildings and historic sites in healthy communities. The workshop shared examples and best practices on how to manage, promote and preserve local heritage resources as well as how to begin a community-led initiative.

YHMA acknowledges the support of YG's Historic Sites Unit and Heritage Canada the National Trust for this workshop.

Workshop Proceedings and Handouts

Report on the 2014 Heritage Regions Workshop.pdf

Heritage Regions Workshop - slide deck.pdf

Heritage Regions workshop - handout.PDF