Old Log Rectory

Photograph of Old Log Rectory

Building Description

Building Location Location Context Description
Third Avenue and Elliott Street Refer to the Old Log Church Two-storey Log Residence

Architectural History

The building is a two-storey log structure which includes a basement and a gable roof with small dormer.

Additions in 1929 included foundation repairs and the installation of a wood furnace. Other sections are a large two-storey log addition to rear and a small one-storey hipped roof addition to Northwest corner. In 1962 it was renovated and apartments were added in 1983.

Cultural History

The log rectory was completed shortly after the log church was built in 1901. Until its completion, a loft in the log church was used as the rectory.

The building was originally a square two-storey house, but several alterations have been made over the years. During I.O. Stringer's term, an addition was made to the back to use as an Indian day school.

The rectory was used until 1960 when services moved into the newly-built cathedral, and the log church and rectory were retired.

In 1982, the rectory was converted to apartments on both the first and second floors and a meeting area on the ground floor. The apartments were to be used by lay people and/or clergy.

Biographical Information

Rev. R.J. Bowen: first Rector of Christ Church.

Hilda Hellaby: deaconess of Anglican Church 1951-1983

Building's Use and Condition

Current Use residence, meeting area
Past Use rectory
Foundation / Floor Good
Walls Good
Windows / Doors Good
Roof Good